Friday, August 6, 2010

notice anything?

um, hello! I put some lowlights in my hair and got a trim! I can't believe you didn't notice.

so, tonight my husband is coming home from some training he's been doing, and he thinks I'm going to be at work. SURPRISE! I'm so excited...I'm makin spaghetti!

I got all cute for him, so he will walk in the door and be all like, "geez louis, I sure have a cute wife!"

that's the plan.

(I did the trim and lowlights myself, not too shabby, eh?)

earrings-gift from grandma


  1. You look very cute - have a great night!

    Sal xXx

  2. Impressed with your hair skills!! It looks great!

    xoxo, Ashley

  3. Pretty haircut! I like the way you're writing, it's cute and witty! :) Good luck tonight!

  4. aww, you're so lucky that you can cook! I can't hahaha, i don't know what I would do to welcome my future husband home to make him say such sweet words. :p

  5. hahaha! Is that how it went down? Or was he basically like, "what are you doing here? Where's dinner?" :)

  6. well it was more like "you look pretty! what's for dinner?" haha