Friday, January 22, 2010

budget friendly

my outfits lately have been extremely budget friendly, I am currently in the middle of moving and saving up to go to Europe this spring! which I think is worth skimping on clothes for!

Tee- Kohls, $10
sweater- Maurices, had since highschool
skirt- Target, $24?
necklace- Forever 21
Ruffle Boots- Von Maur, $23! (on clearance!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another hair post

I've been having a major lack of fashion inspiration lately, mainly due to the lack of good thrift stores here....
my outfits lately have been really boring....jeans and a black top's cold and dreary and bleh

I have however been experimenting with my hair, growing my bangs out, so today I tried out braiding them back and putting on a flowered headband, I thought it was cute, wish I had a creamy lace top to wear with it

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Denver fashion!

well I have been neglecting my blog lately, due to a trip to Denver and then getting sick.....
but I have lots of time now for blogging since I quit my job to get ready for our move to Texas!

here are some of my denver outfits, I didn't have much time for pictures though...oops!

My knock off Gucci bag!

Guess coat I got for Christmas and AE jeans
underneath a black button up with forever 21 belt

terrible pic, but I finally wore my black blazer! from JcPenney 

and a very sad Leah leaving Denver,
wearing my Prada glasses and red beret from Forever 21
and top from Target