Friday, August 20, 2010

black and white

well this weekend is "tax free" weekend. This is the first time I have EVER heard of a tax free weekend. I guess Kansas isn't cool enough to have one.
anyway, forever 21 wants us to be super professional, so today we had to wear black and white and the next 2 days we have to wear all black. sounds a little depressing to me. whatev.
also the CEO of F21 ended up not coming to our store but instead he sent 2 of his minions :)

dress & shirt-F21
shoes-Jessica Simpson
necklace-gift from friend

in other news, me and Mr. Husband ordered a pizza tonight which is a rare occasion for us. because I insist on eating healthy. much to his dismay. and we also got Fanta! I'm obsessed with orange fanta. it's delicious. 
so what are you all upto this weekend?


  1. What a cute dress, and hooray for some tasty pizza!! This weekend, my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to this fancy-schmancy restaurant called Petit Louis, which was such a delight!

  2. Mmmm orange Fanta! I found apple Fanta one time in Arizona.

  3. cute outfit very simple and chic!

  4. At least your pixie cut is totally awesome.

    I LOVEEE that dress!!

  5. your outfit is super adorable! i love the pattern and look!