Tuesday, August 10, 2010

buttons and flowers

It's so hard to work at Forever 21 and not buy the entire store. *sigh* I find things all day while I'm working that I want to purchase. But alas, I am saving up for my Canon Rebel EOS. so I cannot make any purchases (well...maybe a few)

I found this top buried in the depths of my closet. please excuse the angry face, I just woke up from a nap. haha. I really love the details on the blouse of the buttons and flowers :)

blouse-Charlotte Russe


  1. I can already tell that you have far more willpower than I do. I would be bringing things home left and right if I worked at F21. Luckily, as a casual shopper, I can easily justify a few purchases every time I go to my local F21.

    This blouse is so cute, what was it doing hiding in the back of your closet! The neckline detail is so darling.

  2. I can totally imagine how that would be so hard! I can't step foot in that store without buying at least 5 things. Love this top on you!


  3. Oh god. I would be spending my entire paycheck and then some if I worked there! You deserve a medal:) You look so pretty!