Friday, October 1, 2010

happy October!

Ok I promise I'm back now! seriously, September was the craziest month ever. 

-my husband was gone for training
-I've been working crazy hours
-we found out we're moving to North Carolina in less than 5 months.
-and I won tickets to BAND OF HORSES in Denver! so I just got back from a little 3 day denver adventure!

so between all of this craziness I just haven't had a second to breath and catch up on blogging! But here I am, and I'm not leaving until Christmas time :p

here are some photos to update you

I did some baking
 went to Denver
 won tickets to band of horses

 and I gave plaid a chance, It wasn't my thing.


  1. I love your hair!! its so cute!!!
    have great weekend.. I like your blog as well!!

  2. Look at you in your baking photo - so CUTE!

    Congrats on your tickets lady!!


  3. Welcome back!!! I'm super-jealous -- Band of Horses is the best!