Friday, October 8, 2010

change of weather?

well, the weather is still getting cooler! day by day by day by day (meet the parents, anyone?)
For some reason the change in weather is making my skin act up! took me forever to get my make-up just right today... and my face is all puffy this week! so weird.
good news, this week I have worked out 4 times already! mr husband (who is in the army...and a work out guy) told me that to see results I should work out 5-6 times a week! ugh. I'm shooting for 5 :p
I have been alternating the "30 day shred" with running/walking on the treadmill. every other day! It's been working really well with my schedule too!

scarf-Wet Seal?
ring-gift from grandma


  1. i love everything you are about. this is great =]

  2. Such a lovely Blog you have here.
    Follow you now! Follow me back? :)
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles

  3. I love the combination of scarf and dress, very stylish. I like your ring too.

  4. I love that ring! so pretty

  5. Hey lady! I'm Katelyn on AWF. I had no idea you had a blog, and a fashion blog at that. Following you now :) Love your scarf!

  6. You are absolutely gorgeous dear. And I'm in love with your "About Me".

  7. I love the way you tied your scarf!

  8. Woohoo I love that scarf! The blue really pops against the black!