Monday, October 4, 2010

autumn shopping spree!

yep, that's what went down today! Mr. Husband wasn't thrilled with my many purchases....oops.

but hey, you guys will get to see some really cute outfits now! tehe.
Now I'm just crossing my fingers that the weather here will get cooler soon! stupid el paso.
top & shorts-F21


  1. I love this outfit. It's so relaxed yet very pulled together. I love the belt!

  2. I love your belt. And hurrah for fall purchases! Thanks so much for following me-- I returned the favor!

  3. aww that's great about your hubby and you marrying young too! Sorry things went weird with the army situation! I wanted to marry earlier on myself but finances caused a delay. we were engaged nearly two years (he proposed to me a few months after I graduated high school). I love hearing about other couples who started out young, because I guess i don't hear of too many people doing that in this age.

    I love your bag in this picture by the way!!

  4. I love your header!
    great post ;)