Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday good to me!

I had an interview yesterday to be a nanny! the family is great! I really am hoping I get the job, they're interviewing a few other nannies though. But I'm sure none of them are as great as me.... just sayin.
Also, if I get this job I can finally get my Canon rebel! yesssss

On to fashion! I wore this dress to church yesterday, we have been trying to find a church we like and it's soooo hard! either they're crazy and have baton twirlers or they are BORING. If I get on my iPhone at church it's automatically a no.
anyway, I was wondering if this dress was too short for church, but hey, it's hot in Texas! Maybe I gave the old women something new to gossip about.... not that I am stereotyping old women....

scarf-Accessory City

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  1. I think that dress is perfectly fine for church. The sun is out and it is hot. No need to suffer til heat stroke. Hope you come across one you like. I always like nondenominational churches.
    Good luck with this family! Hope you hear back soon.