Friday, June 11, 2010

Art school

well I have officially applied to graphic design schools! The classes sound so exciting! I wish I would have started college right out of highschool. But I went off to beauty school and worked in salons for several years. I enjoyed it a lot but the money I made just wasn't worth it. Most of my income was spent on supplies. Lame ;)

anyway I'm excited to begin this new adventure! and it gives me and excuse to buy an iMac, or a macbook at least

Yes, I'm a mac to pc's.....

And hopefully soon I will have one of these babies. I only have the 3gS, it's time for iPhone 4.



  1. good luck with graphic design! i wanted to be a graphic designer once upon a time....don't really know what happened though. also, I'm a PC and we're not so bad! :)

  2. i don't have annnny apple products (unless itunes counts), but they sure are tempting!

    congratulations on going back to school! best of luck with graphic design ... i bet you will learn tons!

  3. Congratulations! That is so cool!