Thursday, March 11, 2010

"remember me" date

I'm going to see Remember Me with a friend....I'm sooo excited. I have a little girl crush on Rob Pattinson. he is one fine British man.
I'm so excited! (maybe I'm more excited for the Eclipse trailer than the movie....)

blouse- F21
tights- F21
shoes- Ebay
brooch- the lady who taught my sunday school class in jr. high gave this to me, it's from Russia


  1. Oh, have fun! I saw the trailer just the other day (it looked like a sweet movie). How could one not have a crush on Rob...he is one fine man ;)

  2. Such a cool and relaxed outfit. And the brooch is too cute

  3. You lucky girl..I want to see that movie too. I adore your so sweet. Now those typewriters in your banner are just calling out my name...oh I would love to have that pink or blue one...sigh! Your blog is lovely!

  4. Aw, I'm seeing Remember Me today! I also can't wait to watch the full Eclipse trailer! Love your outfit, though.