Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anniversary outfit

so me and my husband's first wedding anniversary is next sunday! and today I went shopping and got a dress

I'm going to pair it with some black suede heels and wear my pearls. and do some sort of cute updo with my hair :)
I can't wait, I love dressing up!

sorry for the lack of posting...I just started a new Lowes...bleh. sooo well I haven't been dressing up that much!


  1. congrats on your anniversary!

    that dress is absolutely adorable.

  2. What a lovely frock! I'm a big fan of dressing up and going out!

  3. Gorgeous dress .. and congrats - I can't wait for my 1 yr anniversary - 5 months to go haha

    CC xXx

  4. Sandra Bullock looked PERFECT. Marchesa did good!

  5. I love this dress, send a photo of the 2 of you on your anni