Friday, March 19, 2010

pleated shorts

happy friday! I love being off work on Fridays :) me and a friend are doing some shopping then having a double date tonight!
I tried tucking my shirt into the shorts and belting it, but it made my waist look super short. so I opted for this look instead

shorts, cardi, necklace, earrings- F21
shoes- Charlotte Russe
tanks- Old Navy


  1. To tuck in the shirt, or not to tuck in the shirt. It is a timeless question. I try both with so many outfits, and end up choosing untucked pretty often. I think this really works for you.

    Also, the diy hippie headbands below are fantastic.

  2. i love the clean lines of those shorts. too cute. i struggle with the untuck/tucked question as well. I tend to go with tucked and my boyfriend will comment that i look like a ballerina. lol i'll talk it as a compliment. what do boys know? you look great with it untucked!

  3. cute! I wish it was warm enough here to wear shorts!

  4. This is better... more relaxed and laid-back but still looks so chic! xoxo

  5. I'm really obsessed with tucking in my shirts right now - can't wait to try the look with shorts. I need to hit up F21 to find the perfect high waisted pair