Tuesday, July 6, 2010

rainy Kansas day...

I llloooooovvvvveeeeeeeee rainy days! and since we moved to El Paso I don't get very many of them! So I've been enjoying all of this unusual July rain here in Ks! 
Today is the perfect day to watch Sleepless in Seattle....of course, any day is the perfect day to watch Sleepless in Seattle. 
Also, photos turn out much prettier in Kansas than in the desert....who would have known?

Me and a friend of mine decided to take a walk in the rain yesterday, well it was only sprinkling...perfect walking weather. we ended up snapping some photos along the way!

I threw this outfit on, it doesn't really match. oh well...



  1. Welcome to Kansas! Hopefully the weather stays fairly mild while you're here. I'm really digging the rain, personally.

  2. Haha I like this outfit. Especially the umbrella. I'm going to need to find a fun one of those. :)

  3. It would be lovely to get some rain here. It's so hot and I feel bad for the little birdies chirping on our porch. :(

  4. It's been rainy here too the last few days. I love rainy days when I can be inside, watching movies and drinking hot tea. Hope you're having a great week!


  5. Well at least you're making the best of it, love the cute pics!

  6. Really adorable pictures! Your red shirt definitely goes with the umbrella. :) Thanks for sharing! The first one is my fav. :)

    Erin :)

  7. We've been getting all kinds of rain and mist in Southern California for over a week...non-existent summer this year.

    I love your red umbrella and hope you get to use it in WA state someday!! I lived there and LOVED IT - not too far from Ft. Lewis, in fact. When I scrolled through and saw your Oregon pics I let out a yelp!

    Roadtrips are the best! So fun to find you.

    Carrie :)

  8. I think it does match and you look super cute!!

    Hope you enjoyed your walk in the rain :D


  9. It's been raining here like crazy! That picture of you with your back to the camera is so pretty! Those trees frame it really well!

    Giveaway today at RDR!

  10. Love the red umbrella! The ones I have are all glooooomy...