Friday, April 30, 2010

Date Night!

Me and the husband went to eat at Carlos and Mickey's tonight, we figured since it's been 3+ months that we've lived in El Paso.....we should probably eat some authentic mexican food already! and it was yummy
then I stuffed myself even more and had a double dip cone from Baskin Robin.....bad Leah

I aslo tried some "cat eye" eye liner.....poking myself in the eye and 3 attempts later this is how it turned out....looks nothing like a cat eye, oh well.

also the restaurant was freezing, so I put on this hideous green jacket, and my husband took a pic and told me I had to put it on my fashion blog.... embarrassing. but we can't be fashionistas 24/7, right?


  1. Oh my gosh, you are so cute!!! I love your sassiness! =) Your hair is really, very posh.

  2. How funny your husband took a pic of you in that jacket for the blog! so silly!!....and I think the cat eyeliner look very cool ;)

  3. Your eyes are gorgeous, woman! Amen to the fact that we can't always be at our fashionable best. I am a total slob at home. ;)