Thursday, September 6, 2012

Well I have been having a GREAT time with my husband being home! And our 14 month old is adjusting amazingly! God is so good, I have been praying so much the last 7-8 months that the adjustment would go smoothly when Mr. Husband came home and that he would keep us all safe. And God answered my prayers better than I could have imagined! Sometimes my prayers don't get answered in the ways I wanted them to, but God always seems to know what is best for my family and I!

We have been hanging out a lot and enjoying my husband's time off, we took an IKEA trip during the weekend and also watched lots of movies! I will post photos of our new house and furniture eventually. sigh. So much still to do!

Top & skirt- H&M
earrings- women's fair wichita ks

my husband's wardrobe..... I'm still working on that.... sigh.

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