Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I know I know....

this is a fashion blog, right? then why have I not been posting about fashion?

well to be right honest with you, I just haven't felt very fabulous lately! actually I've been pretty lazy lately.
and trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to see any of my recent outfits anyway

so I will do one more non-fashion post and then I will kick my butt into fabulous gear


so I'm re-decorating my bathroom, and I got this shower curtain, it's pretty simple

and I was thinking of spicing it up with these towels

and a funky rug

And some quirky accessories, because I'm all about the quirky

Then doing some sort of fun modern painting?

what do you think?

I just don't want it to be matchy, I hate matchy matchy.

Oh yeah! we got our bed put together, now it just needs some pizazz....

but WAIT, that's not all! more exciting news, we're going to adopt a golden retriever! I've always wanted one :)


  1. I love the shower curtain! Simple and classic.

    And yay for a golden retriever! I've always wanted one.

    Just found your blog tonight! :-)

  2. That shower curtain looks awesome, I love re-decorating.

  3. I love the direction you're going with the bathroom! Cool jewel tones like peacock feathers? Hot. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Aw, I like it when fashion blogs have non-fashion related posts! It shows another side to them! I can't wait to adopt a puppy someday, you lucky girl! Golden retrievers are such amazing, kind dogs!

  5. Shower courtain is amazing¡¡


  6. I love the idea of a funky rug in the bathroom! And the shower curtain is really cool.