Saturday, February 20, 2010

long time no see...

so a couple of weeks ago I embarked on a great journey......I traveled far and wide.....

ok long story short my husbands in the army and we moved to Texas! so I have been busy...

I'm not going to lie, I was really close to deleting this blog and just quitting all together...because frankly I can't compete with the fashion bloggers out there! I have no clue how to go into Goodwill and come out with a fabulous vintage outfit...and I don't even think our thrift stores sell things like that....or maybe I'm just lacking creativity!

but I'm not going to quit, because I enjoy blogging and it's something fun to do when I get bored!

so here you go, a couple of outfits since I've become a Texas girl!

this entire outfit is from Kohls. except the shoes are Jessica Simpson! I hardly ever find anything at Kohls, but this skirt just caught my eye!
you know what I love about skinny jeans? they look so cute as capris!
by the way it's been in the 60's here in Texas! beautiful baby, beautiful...

also my diet is going well, 5 pounds down! woot


  1. don't give up... and don't quit on goodwill either! you just have to learn what to look for. it helps to get inspiration from particular pieces that designer have shown or other bloggers have worn (maybe a list of a few things). just break the store down into section (dresses, blouses, shoes) and look for similar things from your list. it's an adventure once you find your own way of thrifting!!!!

    i love your polka dot skirt btw!

  2. love the neck piece and the skirt :)