Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I found a new secret store! you may be asking yourself...what the heck is a secret store?

well I have the answer! You see everyone once in a while I find a store that very little people know about (people in Kansas anyway) and I keep it a secret so I can shop there to my little hearts content and won't have the slightest worry of those "fashion copy cats" you know the ones......they say things like "cute where did you get that?" OR "oh I know you have this shirt but we're hardly ever in the same place! no big deal"

And that is why I have secret stores. But of course I wouldn't hold out on my fashion bloggers!

A friend told me about this amazingly chic little shop called Francesca's...which many of you may know about but here in redneck Kansas stores like these are few and far between! A diamond in the rough if you will!

here are some of my favorite pieces from Francesca's

But there are so many more adorably cute things, you should check it out


  1. Nice secrets! the simplicity gives each outfit elegance. I just photographed a bride who did a very cool bandana. She also happens to be a designer so was willing to take a step away from the crowd.

  2. i always have secret stores!! but i normally always tell my sister where they are and she she usually shares her stores with me but we won't share it with anyone else...
    Love your blog! And your style is amazing. I will be following your blog! Check out my blog - it's I am selling variety of vintage clothes and accessories. Follow my blog as well if you like to keep updated when the latest vintage is for sale! Check it out! xoxo ♥

  3. love that mustard yellow top!

  4. Leah, we need to have a serious talk, between Death Cab and Zooey and now Francesca's? We're soulmates! The one by me is the first I've seen and I seriously stop in there weekly. Oh and I adore you :)

  5. Thanks from a fellow Kansan and army family member! :) What a cute store- that third dress is really great.