Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have a confession.. I have become addicted to KOHLS. pretty weird, huh?
I have always disliked Kohls and their lame "department store" selection.
But now they have all this super cute stuff! They carry different lines, like Lauren Conrad and Elle. and those lines have the cuuuuutest stuff.
And it's Kohls.. so everything is always on sale. Which is pretty cool.

Jeans-plato's closet, VS
wedges- target

and my bff anna is in the last photo, she's pretty cool, just like Lauren Conrad.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I know I know, I've been gone for like a month and a half, I've fallen off the face of the earth again and you're all pissed! saying things like, "If she does this again I'm totally taking her off my "follow" list."

 But before you delete me and never speak my name again... look at these adooooorable photos. 
How could you possibly delete these faces??
 I mean.... seriously.
 we are awesome and we are BACK.

shoes- kohls