Sunday, September 19, 2010

a little taste of fall!

this is me at my grandparent's 50th anny partay! (in Kansas) It was a lovely day, and cool enough to wear some cute fall-ish clothes!

blouse & earrings-F21
skinnies-VS, plato's closet

(by the way, look how long my hair is getting! woot woot)

Friday, September 17, 2010

tsk tsk tsk...

I am a bad little blogger! I disappeared again. I went home to Kansas for a week, and things have just been kinda crazy! but I'm back now, so I've just been staying busy and working :)
I barely took any fashion photos during my trip, but here is one! I did a little shopping

new shirt! & shorts-F21
shoes-Urban Outfitters

well that's all for now.... boring I know.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

all natural

I love having my hair back to my natural color, it looks so much better and healthy than colored! My coloring days are over for sure.
Today at work we are supposed to wear "coco sport" theme clothing. like teeny bopper stuff. high tops, neon colors, 80's inspired, black.
and guess who has none of the above? ME.
so I'm going to work early today so I can buy a stupid shirt to wear. Hopefully I can find something that I will wear more than once :p

but for now this is what I have on, and there are some photos of my headband. because I like it.