Monday, September 2, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama

This is my newest adventure, I'm very excited about it! I ordered the book "Trim healthy mama", and basically I'm hoping that it will help me feed myself and my family in a more healthy, (sugar free), way. And also to get "trim". The recipes are delicious! I did have to invest in some pricey ingredients, such as stevia, flax seed meal, etc. I'm going to meal plan and try to use the least expensive ingredients I can.
I had no idea how much sugar and carbs were in the "healthy" things I was eating,  even bananas and grapes. Not that fruit is bad for you, but berries and apples are much better for you!

These are trim healthy pancakes, grain free and sugar free, topped with berries and plain greek yogurt. DELICIOUS. 
The recipes are pretty much gluten free, there's a lot of dairy, which I'm experimenting with, because some dairy upsets my tummy, and it's not Willow's favorite either, (I'm still nursing).

So welcome to my THM journey, hoping that along with my gym membership....
 this baby weight disappears soon ;)

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