Wednesday, October 5, 2011

new new new

Well hello again! Thought I'd update on a few changes made to the blog!

If you look to your right in the side bar you will see 2 new things! 2 fabulous new links to dress4less and!

so GO do some online shopping ladies!

In other news, this is a "fashion blog" So I will post some photos of fashion. I have noticed lately I'm way less concerned about fashion as I once was....
You all may be rolling your eyes saying "oh boy, another frumpy, spanx wearing, no time for fashion blogging, spit up smelling old MOM"
If you really said that you're pretty rude... seriously. But just because fashion isn't my focus anymore, looking like a chic on-the-go mommy is! I purchased 3 great v necks today and they look pretty nice with some casual jeans! So yeah, my look has changed a bit... but my life has changed a LOT. So you will all just have to deal!

("really?! that's it! only one photo??")
seriously random blogger, get over yourself! I'll take more pics tomorrow! SHEESH.


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