Monday, August 29, 2011

An old outfit and a new blog

That's right folks! I started a new blog, it's a mom blog, it's supposed to be a comic relief for all the mom's out there that don't take life to seriously. We'll see how it goes. Some days sleep deprivation makes me funnier, but some days it just make me a biotch. 
here's the link- TheRealisticMom
This is the first time I've worn anything this figure showing since the baby. I was pretty excited it didn't look that bad even though I haven't lost anymore weight. Yeah, weight watchers is what the name says...watching your weight...stay the SAME.

I think I have decided this dress is pretty shapeless and it's time for it to go! I'm planning on doing a serious closet clean out soon. And I got this sweater dress in 2007 or 08?

getting rid of it will be a wise decision.

necklace and glasses-F21

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