Friday, December 31, 2010

more birthday fun

we had a family birthday party for me and my lil sis last night! My parents got me a webcam! Which will be handy when the husband is deployed. But I think they got it so they can see me and my growing belly as often as possible, haha.

I think today we're going to see "Tangled" it should be fun! I like light hearted movies!

I wish that blogger would stop making my photos so tiny!

leggins and shirt-F21
shoes-Jessica Simpson
scarf-Wal mart?


  1. I had the same Problem and now I use Windows Live Writer for making my Posts. You can make your Pictures bigger or smaller there. :)
    Oh and your Outfit is very lovely! Adore the scarf. Happy New Year!

    xx, Alice :)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!! That webcam will do wonders for you--- we're constantly on skype with my dad, and it's so great. ;)

    ps: If you click on compose, you can drag the corner to make your pictures larger!!

  3. Happy birthday. That is cool you got a webcam it should come in handy.

  4. hey i came across your blog from Selective Potential. I just had to tell you that I am also an army wife that doesn't have or want an acu purse, don't wear my husbands dog tags and no military/patriotic things in our home! It's not our style to have such things lol. so it's great to know I'm not alone...if only we lived in the same state. oh, and happy birthday :)

  5. Ah, you should let me know how tangled was :) I want to watch it! BADLY:) That's cool about the webcam- but sad you'll be apart :( I wish you the very very best!

  6. I'm with Maggey ^ I want to watch Tangled!! You'll have to let us know how it is : )

    Happy new year!!

    KF x